Victrex and the University of Exeter continue to invest in developing the next generation of PAEK materials and processes

The University of Exeter and Victrex have renewed their partnership for a further 5 years.

Following on from the successes of the original collaboration of the University of Exeter and Victrex (2018-2023), the two partners are announcing a renewal of their partnership for a further 5 years extending to 2028.

The Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) at the University of Exeter is the UK centre of excellence in high temperature polymeric additive manufacturing, with expertise and state of the art additive manufacturing equipment for high temperature polymers.  Victrex is one of the global leaders in Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) polymer materials and manufacturing.

Victrex has selected the Exeter Technologies Group (ETG) at the University of Exeter, which includes the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM), as a strategic partner to continue the journey of discovery with a focus on clarifying the underpinning science across a multitude of PAEK-related processes including and beyond Additive Manufacturing (AM) utilising and developing knowledge crossing into sustainability, predictive modelling and simulations.

The Exeter Technologies Group are experts in the use and development of high performance polymers for AM, but also has the capability to extend this out into other manufacturing processes (both traditional and emerging). It has extensive facilities and knowledge ranging from materials science and manufacturing processes, to modelling and simulation.

The collaboration has produced a range of industrial and scientific outcomes from the development of new PAEK materials tailored for AM, to patents, new collaboration projects, scientific publications, case studies and unique insights into the fundamental science of PAEK materials and AM.

The collaboration will continue to engage in funded research projects with multiple eco-system partners and encourage proposals for collaboration to solve industries most challenging problems via private or public funded projects.

The high impact potential of the work and strategic alignment with Victrex’ R&D goals is driving this new partnership, with the project aims focused on the Digital 4.0 transformation strategy. The outputs will accelerate innovation and delivery to end-users through virtual experimentation, reduced time for polymer design and creation of tailored PAEK polymer solutions.