Businesses and policy-makers given new AI tool to monitor climate risks

An AI-powered climate risks tool will give businesses, organisations and policy-makers the ability to monitor global climate risks and extreme weather events in real time.

Climate Risks Daily has been developed by Arctic Basecamp, a leading authority on the risks associated with climate change, led by the University of Exeter Business School’s Professor Gail Whiteman.

The AI-powered tool provides real-time information on global climate risks, and operates by consolidating global news stories related to extreme weather events, so that users are provided with up-to-the-minute insights into the scale of climate-related incidents worldwide.

It also highlights news stories relating to polar issues, the biggest amplifier of climate change effects globally, and all content is translated from 100 different languages into English using advanced AI translation capabilities. 

With climate change and associated extreme weather events posing an existential threat to the global economy, the new tool will spread awareness of specific climate threats so that organisations can build resilience and take more effective climate action.

Professor Gail Whiteman, Founder and Executive Director at Arctic Basecamp and Professor of Sustainability at the University of Exeter Business School, said: “We believe that informed decision-making is crucial in addressing the complex challenges posed by climate change. Climate Risks Daily is designed to empower journalists, individuals, businesses, and policymakers with real-time information on global climate risks, ultimately contributing to more effective climate action including mitigation and importantly – adaptation.”

Arctic Basecamp developed Climate Risks Daily in collaboration with ODE (the same agency responsible for Al Gore’s acclaimed Climate Trace) and the concept was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year.

It is available as a standalone web tool at  and A mobile app will be launched in the coming weeks.