Exeter has been chosen as part of a new government-funded HealthTech Research Centre Network targeted at the development and advancement of technological healthcare innovation across the UK.

The network of 14 newly established NIHR HealthTech Research Centres (HRCs) are based in leading NHS organisations across the country, and were awarded almost £42m to drive life-changing research into health and care technologies for the next five years.

The University of Exeter in partnership with the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust were successful in their bid for £3m of this funding to form the HealthTech Research Centre for Sustainable Innovation based in Exeter.

Exeter is leading industry engagement in England for the new HRC Network.

Chris Fox, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Exeter and Co-Director of the South West HealthTech Research Centre said: “It’s a huge privilege for Exeter to be leading industrial engagement. We will set the agenda for the next five years when it comes to the priorities for patients and industry through the 14 regional HRCs. The Network will bring together the extensive skills and experience of the HRCs to support the development and evaluation of technology. Improving this technology will mean better support and care for patients, as well as increased accuracy and assessment speed.”

Cathryn Love-Rouse, Chief Operating Officer of the NIHR HRC in Sustainable Innovation said: “We look forward to working collaboratively across England as part of the HRC network. Our focus will be on five core themes, centred around the unique needs of the population of the South West. These include projects focused on sustainability and environment, diagnostics and biomarkers, frailty and rehabilitation, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and capability and capacity building.”