Climate Wall art projection at the University of Exeter to explore how people feel about climate change ahead of COP28

A computer-generated image of the Climate Wall, showing the question "How will you respond?"

An interactive light projection “The Climate Wall” will be on show at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus this month.  

The art installation represents a moment of reflection in the lead up to COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement and discuss the future.  

The art installation will allow people to view facts about climate change and action being taken across the world, and post “live” reflections to represent a “moment in time” of how people think and feel about climate change. 

Joanna Chamberlain, Director of Sustainability at the University of Exeter, said: “Developed in partnership with our world-leading climate researchers, the interactive art installation will share the evidence and truths we know about climate change and pose questions on the difference we can make to our planet now and in years to come.  

“The local community, along with students and colleagues at the Universities on Penryn Campus, are invited to visit and interact with The Climate Wall, between Monday 27 November and Friday 1 December, after dark from 4 until 9pm.” 

The installation supports the University’s ambition to take a leading role in tackling the climate emergency and ecological crisis, as part of our Strategy 2030.

Professor Martin Siegert, University of Exeter Vice President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cornwall said: “At a time when climate records are being broken across the world, when flooding and extreme heating effects all regions of the planet, when 2023 is certain to be the hottest year on record and when the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest level for over 3.5 million years, it is essential that everyone understand and engages with the need for a rapid transition to ‘net zero’.

“Our installation can offer a way for everyone to share, listen and appreciate the power of society-driven change. The University of Exeter is proud to connect the thoughts of everyone on the most important issue of the 21st Century.”  

In addition to the climate wall a collection of displays and activities which encourage visitors to reflect, connect and act on issues affecting climate change will be on display in the balcony area of Penryn Campus library.

The exhibition will include biodiversity specimens like bird nests, a ‘Reflection Space’ where you can sit and chat or reflect upon what you have seen and place any action you wish to take as an individual on a ‘Pledge Tree’.

A short film, ‘A Day in the Boots’, will be screened; it features gardener Alasdair Garnett from the FX Plus Grounds team sharing how small local changes can have a large impact on our environment and reflects on an individual’s sense of place and the role they can play within it.

There will also be an animated timeline about the history of Penryn Campus and digital content showcasing the green sustainable student societies and their activities.

An action collage will display the work of local, national and global groups with projects including those on campus that the local community can get involved in like the Ecological Citizenship course.

On Thursday 30 November the Climate Café will meet at the Climate Wall at 5pm.

These activities involve campus partners, Falmouth University, the Students’ Union and FX Plus, as will a launch event, which will take place on Monday 27 November at 5pm between the Stannary and the Students’ Union at Penryn Campus.

You can reserve your free place at: