University of Exeter to hold public engagement event on green energy plans for the Penryn Campus

Plans to locate up to two wind turbines near a Cornwall campus to provide clean electricity and improvements to local wildlife habitats are to be shared at a public engagement event this month.

The University of Exeter, Cornwall, will unveil details of its proposal to erect the pair of turbines on its land near Treliever Cross, transforming the amount of clean energy it can generate for the Penryn Campus.

The proposed wind turbines could produce an estimated 70% of the campus’s energy needs, with the remainder potentially coming from solar panels – further reducing its carbon footprint.

At the event on Wednesday 17 July, the University will also share its plans to enhance the biodiversity of the area by protecting wildlife in the Cornish hedges, additional tree planting and controlling invasive plant species.

“Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and exploring cleaner energy options is intrinsic to our ambition to lead meaningful action against the climate emergency,” says Professor Martin Siegert, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Cornwall) and Vice-President at the University. “Wind power has a vital role to play and will help us to reduce our carbon emissions and provide energy security for our campus.

“We want to talk to our local residents and stakeholders to hear their views on the proposal. In the year of our 20th anniversary of the University of Exeter in Cornwall, those community links are of paramount importance.”

The proposed location of up to two wind turbines is near two existing, privately owned devices, at Roskrow Barton. Energy specialists estimate that the turbines could generate 5,712,400 kWh of clean electricity each year, offsetting 340 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The University has been conducting technical surveys in the area, including noise monitoring, groundwork investigations and ecological surveys. The proposal would lead to more than a 10% improvement in ecological diversity in the area.

Members of the project team will be available to discuss the plans at the event, which will be held at the Mabe Youth and Community Project Community Hall at Cunningham Park, from 1-7pm on Wednesday 17 July. Details will also been published on the University’s website:, with an online feedback form available until Friday 26 July.