Exeter and Chinese University of Hong Kong launch new split-site PhD programme

Two people sit at a desk signing forms

Prof. Mai Har Sham and Prof. Richard Follett sign the agreement for the CUHK-Exeter split-site PhD programme

The University of Exeter and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have launched a split-site PhD programme which will allow students to be co-supervised by faculty members from both institutions.

An agreement was recently signed by Professor Mai Har Sham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) of CUHK, and Professor Richard Follett, Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) at Exeter.

The programme will initially support students working under the CUHK-University of Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE).

In 2018, the universities jointly established ENSURE to embark on large, impactful collaborations to address emerging issues related to global environmental change.

ENSURE has brought together international, interdisciplinary teams to tackle issues such as global food security, coastal ecosystems, air pollution, climate change, forest management, energy, and plant science.

In its second five-year plan, ENSURE aims to expand research, public engagement and policy advocacy, and nurture the next generation of researchers to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

Under the new split-site PhD programme, students from each university will be able to spend up to 12 months at the partner institution under a co-supervision arrangement.

Detailed information the programme, including funding support and application processes will be announced soon, with recruitment starting this year for a September 2025 intake.

Studentship projects will be selected through an open call for joint proposals from faculty at Exeter and CUHK, focusing on areas of complementary expertise.

These students will support new ENSURE Grand Challenge research initiatives funded by a separate grant scheme.

For further information, please contact the Global Partnerships Team at Exeter at GP-Funding@exeter.ac.uk