The University of Exeter has appointed Martin Court, as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Engineering.

The University of Exeter has appointed Martin Court, as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Engineering. The global nature of his over 30 years of experience in industrial innovation in the performance chemicals, advanced materials and medical device components sectors has left him with a broad network plus a strong belief in the benefits of Industrial / Academic collaboration.

During his tenure as Chief Commercial Office at Victrex plc he was instrumental in the formation of a multi-year partnership with the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) which has yielded significant benefits for both Victrex and the University.

Serving as a Non Executive Director at James Cropper Plc and It’s Fresh Ltd he continues his pursuit of the development and deployment of high performance material based solutions to unmet market need. A personal quest which has continued since his industry sponsored PhD studies at Imperial College.

Professor Court, in conjunction with the Engineering Department, the Exeter Technologies Group and Exeter Innovation will seek to investigate options to extend the reach of the University’s industrial collaboration particularly looking for opportunities to accelerate the progress of advanced material driven innovation in the UK and beyond. 

He has first-hand knowledge of how the positive dynamic between Academia and Industry can make significant contributions to the generation and exploitation of intellectual property, through his work with OEMs and supply chains in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical device, Drug delivery, Energy, Electronics, Packaging and Mining.. Several of these industry sectors are now in the midst of substantive transformation driven by a need to respond to the continuing priority of decarbonisation and other sustainability goals. These circumstances present them with some fundamental challenges that require new and broad based thinking, a fertile ground for academic collaboration.

The University of Exeter is well placed to act as both a thought partner and a key enabler of advancement, as demonstrated by the work of CALM.  The key to fruitful partnerships is the linking of the right partners where skills and challenges are complimentary, however this requires a level of openness and knowledge that is often stimulated by introductions for trusted contacts;  Academic and Industrialist ambassadors working in tandem. This has been a key element of Professor Court’s approach throughout his Industrial career and his appointment will allow him to act as a strong advocate for the University’s effectiveness in Industrial collaboration. 


Speaking of his appointment, Professor Court said: “I am delighted to receive this appointment from the University of Exeter, and look forward to being able to enhance the working connectivity of the university’s resources with partners with advanced materials related innovation challenges”

Welcoming Professor Court to the new role, Professor Ken Evans, Chair of Materials Engineering said: “I have known and worked with Martin for many years and am very excited by the opportunities that this continuing relationship can offer.”