Peter Cox

Professor Peter Cox has been appointed as the new Director of the Global Systems Institute (GSI) at the University of Exeter.

He will replace Professor Tim Lenton, who has held the role since the GSI was created in 2018.

The GSI aims to be thought-leading in understanding global changes, solving global challenges, and helping create a flourishing future world through transformative research, education, impact and engagement.

“I feel honoured to be the new Director of the Global Systems Institute,” Professor Cox said.

“The GSI has a superb track record of teaching, engagement and cutting-edge research on climate and environmental change.

“My aim is to build on this great work, and to further broaden engagement in the urgent search for solutions that enable us to live more sustainably on this wonderful planet.”

Professor Lenton said: “It’s been a great learning experience founding and directing the Global Systems Institute.

“I am proud of the community we have built, the values we share, and the work we have done together.

“Our ethos to transcend disciplinary boundaries, to create transformative solutions to global challenges, is needed now more than ever.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the GSI journey as part of the crew, championing our efforts to trigger positive tipping points.”

As well as researching major issues such as climate change, the GSI has a focus on solutions to global problems. Read more at