People across the South West are being given a unique opportunity to give their views on the potential reintroduction of pine martens in the region. 

Pine Martens are thought to have lived in the South West until 1870-1880. They have continued to survive in Scotland and have been reintroduced to the wild in both Wales and the Forest of Dean in recent years. Now, the Two Moors Pine Marten Project is seeking to re-establish pine martens in the South West.  

The University of Exeter is undertaking a survey to better understand public attitudes to the possible reintroduction, and how attitudes differ between groups of people. By taking part you will contribute towards this understanding which in turn will help inform future decisions about whether and how the return of pine martens might take place. 

Results will be presented in a summary report to be shared with the Two Moors Partnership, before being made publicly available later this year. The Two Moors Partnership includes Devon Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, National Trust, Dartmoor National Park Authority and Exmoor National Park Authority. 

Dr Roger Auster, of the University of Exeter, said: “It is important to consider the views of local people in reintroductions, and we are excited to offer this opportunity for South West residents to share their opinions on pine martens. All views are welcome in this study.” 

Dr Tracey Hamston is Devon Wildlife Trust’s Two Moors Pine Marten Project lead. Tracey said: “We’re delighted to support this independent research. It will be fascinating to hear the views of people from across the South West about the possible return of pine martens.” 

All residents in the South West are invited to take part, and the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. All views are welcome. 

The University of Exeter is leading this survey alongside further research engaging with stakeholder representatives from the region. They have been funded by the Two Moors Partnership but will be undertaking analysis independently. The Two Moors Partnership are themselves also leading a series of workshops with stakeholder groups and local communities in the proposed release areas. 

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The links will remain open until 9am on Monday 5th June 2023 and responses are anonymous.