Advances in Water Research & Innovation: 1998 to 2023 and beyond – Celebrating 25 years of the Centre for Water Systems

The Centre for Water Systems (CWS) is proud to be celebrating its 25th anniversary in August 2023 and are pleased to announce a two-day celebration event to mark this special occasion: ‘Advances in Water Research & Innovation: 1998 to 2023 and beyond’ #cws25.

This event will take place at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus from Thursday 31 August to Friday 1 September 2023. On Day 1, they will celebrate their notable achievements over the past 25 years and on Day 2, they will look forward together to the next 25 years.

All past and present CWS members (including staff, postgraduate research students and visitors), and academic and industrial colleagues are invited to join them in their celebrations.

Further details can be found on their dedicated webpage.